Battle of Chancellorsville

Write an analysis essay. Paper will analyze Major General Joseph Hooker’s performance from the Battle of Chancellorsville. This analysis will evaluate how ineffectively he executed the mission command warfighting function during the battle. Specifically, the analysis will examine how he failed to utilize the mission command principles (choose any 4 of the 7 listed in ADP 6-0 Chapter 1 “Principles of Mission Command”).Paper must, through research, suggest how Hooker’s bad utilization of those principles ultimately affected the battle’s outcome. The paper must determine by research if the principles were executedwell or poorly during the battle.

 Construct the paper in accordance with Turabian format and citation​

  •  Double-space, with one-inch margin on all sides​
  •  Use Times New Roman font, size 12​
  •  Use endnotes to document your references​
  •  Use proper formats for endnotes and Bibliography, must use 6 references minimum
  • Use active voice. ​
  • Use short sentences (an average of 15 or fewer words). ​
  • Use short words (three syllables or fewer). ​
  • Write paragraphs that, with few exceptions, are no more than 10 lines.​

FORMAT OF PAPER: Introduction with Thesis statement.  At least 4 main body paragraphs which each cover a mission command principle and provide analysis with research (may use sub paragraphs).  Conclusion which re-states the mission command principles and their impact on the battle outcome. Followed by endnotes and bibliography. Must have a minimum of 6 pages of text, not including endnotes/bibliography.