Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Sample


Ann Dotty,

The Hospital Administrator,

New York-Presbyterian Hospital,

5141 Broadway, New York, NY 10034,

Dear Mrs. Dotty,

I had the pleasure of sending you a proposal on ResMed AirFit F20 Masks. As discussed, we are interested in meeting the demand for Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) masks to offer more comfort for the millions of Americans suffering from sleep apnea. I urge you to consider extending the benefits of ResMed AirFit F20 Masks to this population segment. I have enclosed a sales proposal that you may share with the head of the marketing departments as earlier discussed on phone.

In the sales proposal, you will find details of the AirFit F20 series, which is cushioned with an adaptive seal for more comfort. The new InfinitySeal cushion reduces air leaks and accommodates all sleep positions as well as facial types. Given that air leak is a top justification for stopping therapy, the proper feeding of ResMed masks promises to mitigate the problem. The ResMed AirFit F20 Masks have magnetic clips that allow users to get the headgear on or off their heads. Registered polysomnographic technologists believe the mask is better, especially since all other options use Velcro, which is complex to align at night. As such, most patients stretch masks over their heads rather than use a proper fitting. To fill this gap for fitting full-face or nasal masks, we urge the New York-Presbyterian Hospital to review our sales proposal.

Given that insurance coverage for the FDA-approved masks is at a similar rate to other nasal or face masks, we believe the cost benefits are considerable, in addition to the comfort they offer patients. We look forward to meeting weekly targets indicated in the proposal to ensure that customers conveniently access our products. I hope the sales proposal instills in you the confidence to stock ResMed AirFit F20 Masks for sleep apnea patients. I anticipate the meeting on August 8 at 1 pm to discuss the sales proposal further. Thank you for your time.


Matata Johnson,

Marketing Manager,